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Project Description
Image Studio ASP.NET is foundation project for image manipulation. Instead of having to constantly Google different functionality to control your images, why not put in to one common place.

Merged with ImageResizer and StudioJS

This project has merged with ImageResizer and StudioJS.

The latest backwards-compatible version of ImageStudio can be found in Contrib/ImageStudio inside the full ImageResizer download.

If you're looking for full-control image editing in the browser, look at this demo of StudioJS in action.

Merging permitted us to take advantage of a more complete image library, to ensure continued maintenance, and to reduce code duplication between the projects. This will also allow non-destructive image editing to be used, with the possibility for undo/redo as in Picasa.

While merging with the new library may require limited changes to your code, you will gain access to more features, better performance, and the entire ImageResizer community.

ImageStudio is used in projects such as:

Emirates Skywards Future Artists

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